Sculpture. To record Human memory into a larger body (Nature).

Sculpture. To record Human memory into a larger body (Nature).
Sculpture process, sound installation in glacier landscape.
2012 © Nuno Vicente.

Artist’s motivation/Focus of the artwork. By Nuno Vicente

“Art is for me the result of a non-material and meaningful content past into an object that can be observed by another being or just saved from time till the object to disappear.
When I first regarded the possibility to work with people concerned to understand human brain and interested with the roots for consciousness, my intention as an artist was quite clear: to work with neuroscientist s into the attempt of recording on matter the non-material value or conscious of a human being. That was how the idea developed: to find a way to record the result of brain activity on matter, and at the same time, not to lose an artistic focus, to return nature the product of one of its infinite ramifications.”

                                       Installation Preview 2012. Photo by Giovanni Casu.

The installation (or sculpture, following the artist definition) consists of the interaction between a subject and a glacier through neuroheadset and audio system.
The subject is wearing a neuroheadset, which are connected to a pc /sound software. The software transforms the input coming from their brain (EEG signal) into sound waves, and they are played aloud through 2 loudspeakers*.
Through the sound, coming from the loudspeakers and the subject`s interaction with the glacier, the input (EEF signal)returns to the subject through an acoustic experience.  It is re-processed as the experience into the brain, and  then again translated by the software in a new sound output.

A loop process appears.  It is generated by the interaction  between the subject,  his brain activity,  the software , the sound and the glacier… The subject interacting with the dispositive,  continuously transforms the sound by his own subjective aesthetic experience.

An incredible amount of water frozen. Another consequence of this action is the reception per part of the glacier of the wave frequencies generated by the human mind.
If we understand a sculpture as the result of strokes made onto the stone and if we consider water to be like a stone, matter, not less effectively we can assume the reaction of waves onto the frozen water as a sculpture: the record of a non-material value/ human memory/ conscious onto matter.

* The gamma of sound will be based on limestone sounding. Limestone is a fossil of water. 

Materials description

1) High resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset. 
2) Pc – develop software combine signal from the neuroheadset and transmit to mixer and speaker the relative decoded audio signal.
3) 2 Loudspeakers.
4) 1 Chair.
5) Landscape with glacier.

The wireless neuroheadset uses a set of sensors to tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect player thoughts, feelings and expressions and connects wirelessly to PCs.

Software Real-time display of the headset data stream, including EEG, contact quality, FFT, gyro (if fitted – custom option), wireless packet acquisition/loss display, marker events.

Command line file converter included to produce .csv format. Define and insert timed markers into the data stream, including on-screen buttons and defined serial port events. Markers are stored in EEG data file. Marker definitions can be saved and reloaded. Markers are displayed in real time and playback modes.

The software (with API and SDK  interface  decoding  and translating  brain activity in sound output) will be  developed by  : Harry McCarney.
Harry was the founder and director of several successful social entrepreneurship projects. He co-founded friendfund to solve this problem by providing tools to clubs, communities and friends which facilitate dynamic financial collaborations. He has ten years experience as an IT Consultant leading projects in a wide variety of organizations including Web start-ups and investment banks. Harry received his BA from Middlesex University, London and MA in Philosophy from the University of Sussex.

The sound setting will be developed by: Roberto Afonso.
Roberto archive a Bachelor Degree on  Sound and image. By – School of Art of Caldas da Rainha. He is a professional musician.

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